Anjalamal Special School is part of Society for Education and Action –SEA. SEA is a registered charitable Society.

Anjalamal Special School working together to achive enabling the disabled children to develop the potential aspects and face the world on equal terms. (Education, Rights and Health aspects) for all Children's

Aims and Objectives

  • Acceleration of rate of development in the child.
  • Acquisition of new behavior / skills by the child
  • Increased independent functioning of the child
  • Early detection and prevention of secondary handicaps.
  • Render assistance to parents and family members in coping skills and understanding their child better.


Our vision is to create a fair society .Where all women and children have their rights respected and guaranteed and have free access to education and health care.


Our Mission is to ensure healthy, Secure Life and total development for every child and woman through entire community participation.

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Anjalamal Special School Objectives

  1. To identify, assess, diagnose and enroll the Mentally Retarded Children for specialized training.
  2. To develop physical, social & intellectual abilities.
  3. To create awareness among the parents / siblings /guardians
about the follow up intervention programs available for their children's. To create awareness in public about the causes, prevention and rehabilitation of MR children.

Project Area

The proposed project will be implemented in the Tsunami affected areas in the 44 coastal regions from Kovalam to Kadapakkam which is highly populated by Fishermen community and followed by Dalits.

Anjalamal Special School provides individualized care and training, that help the child to achieve full potential. These programs are of following nature:-
  1. Preventive
  2. Curative
  3. Remedial

We providing free services for all childrens.

The services are free medical checkup, free transportation, free medicines like iron tonics cough syrups for all children, generics medicines. , Hygienic food for childrens, Free Aid & Appliance, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and etc..

Anjalammal School is also providing vocational training for parents with Disability Children.

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Rally and Awareness programme

        The rally was conducted by school children's in various villages. During the rally the voice was raised to admit the disabled children in the special school, to avoid the Negligence in the society and they have equal right to participate in all. By this rally many MR children's were identified and they were admitted in our special school.

         We created various kinds of Awareness about disability in many villages.

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Referral services

      We refer the children with disability for Epilepsy problem to child trust hospital Nungambakkam at Chennai were they are provided with free consultation and counseling through medical experts and faculties like neurologist and psychologist to diagnosis and identify the children medical programme.
      In other referral services who require Aid and Appliances ( Adaptive devices) for children with disabilities and would be reffered to NIEPMD National Institution Empowerment for persons with multiple disabilities NIEPMD is a national organization They are providing lot of services like Aid & Appliances, medicines, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and etc… they are ready to give some.

Medical Support

        Anjalammal Special School providing free medicine support affected for epilepsy problem children. Now we give medicine all supporting children's with special needs for every month.
         After the medicine support their epilepsy level is reduced and when they are trainedregularly maintain their epilepsy level, and also general medicine like iron tonics cough syrups and all children, generics medicine.

Vocational Training

      Anjalammal School is also providing vocational training for parents with Disability Children. Parents are very interested to participate in vocational training. We give various vocational training like Wire Basket, food material, Flower Box, Paper Bag and etc..
       Identify we foot 10 parents with children with disabilities and providing vocational training for creating income Generating for parents children with disability. .

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School Address

Anjalamal Special School For Mentally Challenged Children
Srinivasa Nagar, ( Near SSP Thirumana Mandapam)
ECR, Kalpakkam
Kanchipuram District - 603104